Python Calculator application update


After an hour of hard work today, I have managed to get a few calculator buttons to function, but I believe there might have been bugs hiding in places where I could not yet discover. Below are those buttons of the calculator that I have included the functions that will perform various calculations!

The just include calculate module is used to do the arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and other operations on numbers!

Those buttons within the blue square are ready to use

You people can find the entire calculator project files ( and as well as other files in the future) under this project link. This project has not yet been completed, more works need to do that include looking for the bugs in the program as well as coding the remaining functions of the buttons. If you want to help me out then do correct my programming mistake and ask for a pull request on Github after you have cloned the files and work on your own!

I will now continue to work on the remaining buttons’ functions and update my work from time to time under the same project repository, do follow me on Github to receive the update of this python project and other python projects as well!

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